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Rain Water Harvesting

The rain water harvesting system used by North River captures rain water from the roof top, filters it and stores it under ground in an interlocking crate system. The water is then pumped back up for use, whether that is to feed a pond, water a lawn or supplement an irrigation system. A 2000 ft squared roof will collect 1250 gallons of useable water after just one inch of rainfall. Compare that to running a sprinkler for two hours - that can use up to 500 gallons of water. Also, rainwater is naturally charged with nitrogen after from falling through the sky. Compared to municipal water, nitrogen enriched water grows greener, healthier and bigger vegetation.

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"Overall very happy with the work and the experience. Would recommend to a friend. The owners visited the site personally and worked with me on a quote, including scoping down the work to fit my budget."

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